Over a decade of studying, creating and touring in the music industry, Dean McGinnes and Jason Mallett enjoyed huge success, supporting international artists and touring the length and breadth of the UK.

Bonding over a shared love of film and television, they became fascinated with the emotional response and storytelling created through music to motion.

Embracing this passion, they took separate paths, with one spending time composing for film and television, the other focusing on writing and playing live.  But in 2012, they returned to their adopted home in Brighton and took the opportunity to combine their individual talents into one music production company.

2014 saw them become the in-house composers for UK music library The Funky Junkies where they wrote a wide variety of tracks and bespoke music for clients like Discovery Channel, Comedy Central and Channel 4. Now based in London, they continue to write for The Funky Junkies and other music libraries. Their work, so far, is being used by production companies such as BBC, ITV, BuzzFeed and more.

Their depth of experience and quality spans all genres and is evident in all their work, making them perfect for any client looking to create original music for their project.

Jaguar Sun. Music to motion.